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How to Remove Solar Film from a Window.

Often window cleaning involves removing solar film. At first glance removing solar film seems like a simple task.Do not take this job lightly. If not done properly, a window can easily be scratched, and left as a splotchy mess.I was recently hired to remove Solar film from seven windows in a local shopping center. The film seemed like a good idea for the store to reflect sun.The solar film served its’ purpose in the sunlight but at night the store looked black. Customers passed by thinking they were closed. Now it is time to tackle the removal. Follow these steps for the best results. There is no easy process. You will need the right tools, a lot of patience and about two hours per window (3 ft X 6ft) in optimal conditions.

Tools needed: Needle nose pliers, 6 inch Ettore professional razor blade, Lots of extra blades, 0000 steel wool, Ettore Squeegee-Lint free towels-Lemon ammonia, lemon joy Step 1-Soak and heat Spray the solar film with straight ammonia. Soak it well. Use a trash bag a…