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Lighthouse Window Cleaning Testimonials

by interiorsunlimitedauburnca 02/09/2011

We were very pleased as were our clients about John's work. He arrived promptly on time. We walked him through what was required and he got right into the job and continued until completion.

His attention to detail was also notable. We are professional designers and when doing commercial projects when the windows need cleaning at the end of the project we would not hesitate in using John again and will certainly recommend him to others.

We would recommend him for any window cleaning project where a good professional job is needed. Well done!

Hard to Remove Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains; a major eyesore on glass.They can also be difficult to remove. Below are two options.

For mild cases, try using vinegar,pure lemon juice and baking soda.

1. spray lemon juice directly onto stains and let set for couple minutes

2. mix vinegar and lemon juice in equal parts then add the baking soda to your solution until you get a consistency similar to that of soft scrub.