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Why [Exterior] Looks Count for Retailers

Tips for the Outside: Create an Inviting Exterior and Entrance Knowing how important a store’s external appearance is, you can’t take your store’s appearance for granted. Insure that the exterior is clean and inviting each day.

Make sure all external signage is clear, modern and compelling. Ask yourself what impression your sign makes on potential customers.Ensure all exterior signage lighting is working so your store name is clearly visible from the street.Remove all trash from the exterior of the building and sidewalks. Power wash if needed.Clean the parking lot.Professionally clean windows and remove any outdated information posted in windows and entryway, Sweep and clean the entryway.Make sure the store entry is uncluttered.
Shopping is like buying a house, If a store doesn't have “curb appeal”, a potential customer isn't going to go in. Based solely on the appearance from the street, more than two-thirds of consumers decided not to visit a business, according to a 2011 su…