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Who is Lighthouse Window Cleaning

Our History

 Established in 1996

 I became a business owner after college managing and owning restaurants. I always envied the window cleaner as they sped through transforming my establishments. The freedom and autonomy was taunting me.

 Lighthouse Window Cleaning is Founded in faith by John Shanahan in 1996. I started cleaning windows as a side job and later found it was providing a living for me and my family.

 I personally am present at all jobs. My children, Joseph, Michaela and Andrew support me on the jobs. My wife Teresa helps run the business.

 I have built my business on hard work, integrity, and service. I now proudly serve hundreds of home owners, and businesses in Placer county, Nevada County, Sacramento County and Eldorado County.

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How to Safely use an Extension Ladder

Follow these three steps for a safe trip up (and down) an extension ladder.

1. Establish a solid footing- Feet should be on a firm level surface. Placing a ladder on a slanted surface can result in the ladder sliding out as you ascend.
 Look for a flat area such as a patio or driveway. Sweep away gravel or loose dirt. If you are setting up your ladder in dirt, be sure that the soil is packed and there are no hollow areas beneath. Never place a ladder on a rug. The rug will begin to slide as you move up the ladder.

2. Establish a safe angle-A good rule to establish a safe angle is to stand with your toes touching the feet of the ladder. Stand tall and reach out your arms. At shoulder height you should be able to grasp a rung at arms length. A ladder that is set too close to the wall is in danger of falling backward as you ascend. A ladder that is set at too much angle is at risk of slipping out at the feet as you ascend.