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Solar Panel Cleaning - Double Your Output!

I recently came across this article which points out the importance of the proper cleaning of Solar Panels.  As this technology continues to become more affordable, more and more of us are taking advantage of it and having it installed.  Maintaining it correctly pays off…

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Solar Panel Cleaning by Tory Marino
You made a great investment that will cut the costs of your heating and electricity bill and help to protect the environment. Solar panels are made to last at least 30 years, or more. Over the course of time though, bird droppings, dust and pollution can get baked in on the glass and actually lower the output.

So, how do you double the output? Of course, if your solar panels are dirty- by having them cleaned. There was a study done by Google on the effect of cleaning the solar panels at their facilities, and the output before and after the cleaning, and the results were phenomenal! 

So, what is the absolute best way to clean your solar panels? If your set up i…