How to remove hard water spots from windows and shower doors

Are you tired of looking through a cloud of water spots on your windows and shower doors? There are several methods and tools that will help prevent and eliminate unsightly water spots
Four Simple prevention tips
1.     Adjust sprinkler systems to avoid overspray on to your windows.
2.     Never hose down your windows. Dust and dirt on your windows will turn in to invisible mud. When the water dries, it will form a hard water stain. The next time you hose down your windows there will be a small etched water spot that will collect additional mineral deposits. Water spots form like moguls on a ski hill.
3.     Wash your windows before the next rain. Many people wait to wash their windows after the rain season. The best way to prevent hard water stains is to have your windows cleaned before the next rain. This gets the minerals off and allows the next rain to dry spot free through the winter.
4.     Use a squeegee on shower doors after each use.
Removal of water stains will depend on how badly and how long mineral deposits have etched in to the glass. There are a few quick home remedies and there are some products that will take care of the tougher spots.
Home Remedies
1.     Try a piece of “0000” steel wool. That is right! Steel wool on your glass. Make sure it is “0000” This referrers to the size of fiber in the wool. Use a tablespoon lemon Joy and two tablespoons of Lemon ammonia in a gallon of water. Easy to remove spots will come off using a circular motion.
2.     Rub lemon Juice on the affected glass. Then, make a paste using baking soda and vinegar. Rub on the water spots in a circular motion. The chemical reaction combined with the abrasion of the soda will break down the hard water stain. For tougher spots, Use “0000” steel wool.
So you have tried the home remedies and spots still exist. There is still hope. I have found two products that work well.
Bio-clean is very effective. There is a mild abrasive in the paste. Rub it in with a circular motion. Let it dry and buff out with a dry cloth. This took care of the heaviest stains. It took a lot of scrubbing and was messy but the finished job good. After several applications, the water stains are gone.
A-Maz is the other water stain remover I have found to work well. The process is the same as Bio Clean. A-Maz is not as toxic as bio clean and works equally as effective.


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