Clogged Gutters Cost You More Than Regularly Cleaning Gutters

Every house has them. They keep the rainwater from sliding off your roof (and landing onto your head) by catching it and diverting it into downspouts so the water can drain away from your home.

But besides water...gutters catch everything else. Leaves, pine needles, acorns, dirt - anything that falls on your roof and is affected by gravity. Most people wait until they can see the clogged debris to worry about cleaning their gutters but this could actually be causing your home more damage!

Clogged Gutters can cause water overflow
This can lead to leaky basements and can damage foundations because the water puddles in un-intended areas.Gutters and downspouts are installed to guide rainwater and melting snow away from your home’s foundation walls. The expansion and contraction cycle of the soil that surrounds your home can ruin your foundation. Heavy rain and dry spells compromise your home foundation support leading to cracked walls and masonry as well as sticking doors and windows.

Clogged Gutters freeze
If the water can't flow easily to downspouts - it sits. This water expands when it freezes which can crack the gutter trough. 
Plus there's more than just water sitting in the eaves trough which can lead to more weakness, damage and rot.

Clogged Gutters can damage your fascia board
The added weight of debris and sitting water is...heavy. When the trough is heavier than intended, it can pull at your fascia board and damage the integrity of the board itself.

Clogged Gutters breed mosquitoes
Water that pools in a clogged gutter is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. As we have all been hearing, limiting standing water lowers the chances of spreading West Nile virus.

Clogged Gutters can leave stains
When the dirt and other elements in the soil come in contact with your home...some sticks. Over time this repeated exposure creates permanent stains that are difficult to remove, paint over or hide.

Clogged Gutters damage landscaping
A light rain might not seem like an issue but durring intense storms water run off can damage plants and erode soil. Over watering can also attract insects and lead to fungus and rot.

Clean Gutters SAVE you money
If you were to add up the amount of money you could spend repairing the damage caused to your home by clogged gutters - you could be looking at thousands of dollars in costs. Having gutter guards installed can help alieviate the problem. Either way, doesn't having your gutters cleaned regularly by a professional seem more affordable?

We thought so too.

Let us clean your gutters @ Lighthouse Window Cleaning


  1. Just some added information: Most fascia boards are wooden and typically suffer damage from water exposure. Clogged gutters, then, are one of the main causes of fissures. Once damaged, a fascia board will no longer be able to defend the roof and the interior of the home from moisture. Protect it by installing a drip edge onto the roof’s decking.

    Missie Rice

  2. I agree that maintaining and preventing clogs in your gutters regularly is better than waiting for it to clog and doing further damage your roofing and drainage.

    Eugene Head

  3. Clogged gutters cause a lot of damage on your property. First on the structures, and when that starts cracking up and leaking, it would damage the furniture and personal properties. It is better to be bothered by keeping your gutters clean than be troubled about everything being damaged.

    Gabrielle Jeromy

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