6 Things Every Realtor Should Know About Windows

In preparation for a home inspection and preferably prior to listing a home, the windows and any sliding doors need careful attention. Cleaning and troubleshooting will go a long way to insuring a smooth sales transaction.

  1. Open each window and check for ease of operation. Sliding windows or doors may have worn rails. Some are easily adjustable with the turn of a screw. A silicone spray may help sliding operation. (Do not use WD40) 
  2. Windows that slide up and down often have broken balance channels. These can be easily replaced for smooth operation. 
  3. Look for failed Panes. Some are very obvious but often a failed pane is subtle. Look for diagonal lines across glass, spotting, or fog. This is best done when windows are clean. 
  4. Many window manufactures offer a lifetime warranty for the life of the first owner. If the seller is the first owner, take advantage of the warranty before you list. The manufacturer will have the address on file. 
  5. Windows are the largest surface fixture in any home. Make cleaning a part of staging. A good window Cleaning Company will take care of cleaning tracks and washing screens. 
  6. Screens should be checked for sun damage, holes and bent frames. Sunscreens should be removed during the sale process. 

Lighthouse has cleaned 1000s of homes and worked with realtors and home owners to prepare for a successful transaction. Our goal is to leave our client with immaculate windows and identify any issues that may come up. Of course, you want to have as few disclosures as possible during the sales process.

Lighthouse Window Cleaning is founded in faith by John Shanahan in 1996. John has built his business on hard work, integrity, and service. Lighthouse Window Cleaning now proudly serves hundreds of home owners and businesses in Placer county, Nevada County, Sacramento County and El Dorado County.


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