How Do I Know When to Clean My Roof Gutters???

Three signs that your roof gutters need cleaning

If you are like most people you have been enjoying the clear skies of a late winter. Now that we have had our first strong rain you may have noticed that your gutters are not working as they should.

1.       Do you have water spilling over the rim of the gutter?

2.       Do you notice erosion below your gutters and down spouts?

        3.       Is water running down the outside of your downspouts?

Five reasons to clean your Roof gutters before the next rain

Most of these symptoms are an easy fix. Failure to correct clogged gutters and downspouts can cause substantial damage to your home and landscape.

1.       Standing water in your gutters will cause rust do erode the metal and joints.

2.       The consistent weight of a full gutter will add stress to the roof and gutter attachment.

3.       Gutters full with water will cause water to come in contact with the wood beneath the shingles. Water can wick up forming dry rot under the shingles.

4.       Dark stains will form on the outside of the gutter as rusty and dirty water flows over the top.

5.       Landscape can be harmed by water  flowing off the roof. Erosion and mud will develop around your foundation. This can contribute to settling of a foundation.

A professional gutter cleaner will take from 2 to 5 hours to thoroughly and safely clean your gutters. Resolving clogged gutters will ensure your home will remain dry and safe for many winters to come.

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