How to Clean a Neon Sign

Have you ever noticed how many “Open” signs flash in neon to draw attention to dust, bugs, webs, grease and mold? This is not exactly the message intended ,leaving the patron to wonder what condition the kitchen is in………………
Cleaning a Neon sign takes time patience, finesse and a few basic tools/utensils to get the job done right.
Here’s some cleaning suggestions and methods:

Most signs are supported from the window frame with a chain link and “S” hooks. Often the “S” hooks are open and can fall off when taking the sign down. Keep a close eye on them to avoid a later trip to the hardware store.
Always hold the sign by the metal or acrylic frame. Never lift the sign holding the neon tube. It will definitely brake.
Find a flat surface with no traffic and lay the sign facing up.

Remove as mush dust as possible before the washing stage
Start with a feather duster to remove the majority of loose dust and debris.
An air compressor is very useful and can take the place of the feather duster.
You may also use a vacuum with a soft brush. A crevice tool is useful for sucking dust between letters. Use care not to tilt the crevice tool. This will create leverage potentially cracking the tube.
Use a paint dry brush for a more detailed dusting

Un Plug the Light.
Keep water away from the electrical wires and black box.
Use warm soapy water. Lemon dish soap works best. Avoid using ammonia base cleaner.
With a soaked wash cloth start at one end of the neon tube. Work carefully to cover each letter. Follow with a dry lint free towel. This should be done before the tube dries from washing.
You will need to flip the sign over and repeat.

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